The Origin of the Chocolate Martini

Rock Hudson drinking beer a year before his martini invention

While filming Giant in Marfa, Texas, Rock and Elizabeth Taylor lived in rented houses across the street from one another. They became close friends and often spent time together in the evenings. One evening in 1955 they invented the chocolate martini.

They both loved chocolate and drank martinis. Why not put chocolate liqueur and chocolate syrup in a vodka martini? They thought it tasted terrific and they had made a great contribution to society until they began to suffer from indigestion. “We were really just kids, we could eat and drink anything and we never needed sleep,” Rock said.

– Excerpt from Rock Hudson: His Story

There are two schools of thought about making or drinking a chocolate martini. The first one suggests that a chocolate martini is not a ‘serious’ drink, that it is strictly for fun, and that a chocolate martini is a concoction specially blended for lighthearted parties and informal socializing among friends. The other school is that having a martini is not just having a drink, it’s having an experience. This school holds that imbibing in a chocolate martini is something much bigger than just the list of ingredients. – Excerpt from Extreme Chocolate

Over 50 years later the chocolate martini, or chocolatini, is still served at bars and enjoyed by many a chocolate lover. It’s also a popular Valentine’s Day alternative to champagne or wine sure to be on many menus this weekend. I wonder how many fans of the drink know the Hollywood origin behind it?

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2 Responses to The Origin of the Chocolate Martini

  1. isa says:

    What a nice idea to post this cocktail recipe on the Valentine’s day ! Guess not too much…

    Happy Valentine’s day to all of us !

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